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Welcome To Shady Pine Farm

It’s an “Oh my God!” moment when you taste a cut of Shady Pine Farm meat for the first time, but it's more than delicious.



Cattle on our 23-acre farm are raised on hormone-free and natural animal feeds and grass because of our deep regard for the environment and the health of our own family, as well as yours. We share with you the fresh, tender and nutrient-rich products that we eat in our own kitchen in New Braintree, Mass. in Western Worcester County.


Take home beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkeys from animals raised on our family farm, and you’ll know it's fresh — flash frozen at peak freshness. Like our farm-fresh eggs, our meat products don't travel far after USDA-certified processing in Central Massachusetts. You'll find us at farmer’s markets during the summer months. In the Winter, you can arrange pickups in Worcester, Ashland,  Melrose, Hopkinton or at our farm in New Braintree. With so many advantages of naturally raised cattle, you will be as pleased to serve Shady Pine Farm products as everyone at your table will be to enjoy them.

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We are Julie and Roland Gaumond, and to us family farming has meant sustainable agriculture for over 30 years. That means caring about the long-term health of our meats, our livestock and our land. The Shady Pine Farm mission is to produce the highest quality hormone-free, grass-fed beef and pork for the health of your family and our own.

2019 Farmers Markets.
Sturbridge, 9am-1pm Hopkinton,12pm-4pm
Medford MA 
Ashland 9am-1pm
image.jpeg 2014-7-22-10:33:45

This is Tilly she was a baby calf who was born early fall of 2017.

Tilly was bottle fed by my dad from day 1 cause moma wasnt producing any milk.

Tilly is now grown up to become one of the future moms here at Shady Pine Farm.

Dad still sneaks here warm pail of milk replacer when we aren't looking.

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