About Shady Pine Farm

Just Call our Meats Naturally Good Eating!


The Shady Pine Farm mission is to produce the highest quality hormone-free, grass-fed beef and pork for the health of your family and our own.

We are Julie and Roland Gaumond, and to us family farming has meant sustainable agriculture for over 30 years. That means caring about the long-term health of our meats, our livestock and our land. Healthy food benefits all of us and gives our planet its greatest chance to thrive. This isn’t tree-hugging, just common sense.The humane raising of free-range herds can be hard work, but we do it gladly on our 23 acres. Our third generation is coming onto this land
in New Braintree, Mass.


In 2009 we began sharing our tender, delicious meats through farmer’s markets, direct farmstand sales and with members of Community Supported Agriculture in Central and Western Massachusetts. The response has been tremendous!

We'd love to meet you and share the taste and nutritional benefits of meats raised at Shady Pine Farm.

Our Company

You have a very personal investment in our healthy meats, we want you to learn more about ourproduct selection and the benefits of grass-fed animals and hormone-free feeds..

All Natural Benefits

Grass-fed cattle come closer to fish and chicken with less fat than grain-fed stock. The diet is high in omega fatty acids, vitamin E, B vitamins, minerals beta carotene and cancer-fighting CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acid). Animals that are individually cared for and not crowded into mass, indoor feeding facilities are freer of disease in general than at factory farms.

Our food and fields are pesticide-free.    

Our Product

Our meats — beef and pork — are free of preservatives, synthetic hormones, steroids, antibiotics and meat byproducts that have caused “Mad Cow” disease. All Animals are individually cared for, have indoor feed areas and have free range of our land.

Local Family Farming Benefits

Communities in Central Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts are stronger with local producers supplying the needs of local people. Our customers know our reliability our good name, and they know where to find us.You may have raised food of your own and know the difference inwhether it’s the sweetness of the corn, the moist, full-bodied flavor of a carrot or potato or the crisp, flavorful results of the salad from your own garden. Even if it’s an experience you haven’t had, we think you and the people you care about will delight in sharing the Shady Pine Farm dining experience.

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CSA shares can be picked up at all farmers market locations
(please email with perfered farmers market location)
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